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The Alphabet girls are a London-based female duo that play '80s influenced electronic pop music. They have been featured on 'Electroculture' CD Volume One in the U.S.A. and on 'Project Electra' CD Volume #3 in Japan.

Their first full-length CD 'Beatnik Europa' has just been released by KMA/Section 44. The girls have played many of the London electro clubs and have done supports with Client and the industrial band Sheep on Drugs.


The Alphabet Girls - Mondo Striptease
Released September 2010
Label: Section 44

1. Alice Is Strange
2. Butterfly Kisses
3. Happy Hour
4. Living on Deathrow
5. Love Will Tear Us Apart
6. There Is No Time Like Now
There's A Radio Playing In My Head
8. This Is Desire
9. Tokyo Nightlife
10. TV247
11. Venus Avenue


The Alphabet Girls - Beatnik Europa
Released October 2005
Label: KMA


The Alphabet Girls - Treizieme Chapitre
Released September 25th, 2004
Label: Disc Noir (UK)


The Alphabet Girls - Music Harsher Than Jazz
Released July 13th, 2003
Label: Disc Noir (UK)

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