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Chinese theatre began as a band with three original members...Their first and only song was a cover of In Harmony by Boytronic. (Produced for the Boytronic Tribute "This The End Of Love"). The band's name was taken from one of their favorite bands electric theatre. They used Chinese instead of electric because in the 80´s it was cool to flirt with chinese, japanse words in a romantic way. In the year 2002, Chinese Theatre became a solo project of Krister Pettersson. He started remixing artists from around the globe. (colony 5, Freezepop, Royal Visionaries, Sero Overdose and more...)

In 2005, Chinese Theatre released an entire remix on synthphony records.. Following, CT decided to make an album with original songs The album "Voices and machines" is presented here on Section 44. It features various guest vocalists throughout. Welcome to Chinese Theatre.

  Official Releases

Chinese Theatre - Voices & Machines
Released November 2006
Label: Section 44

I'm not like you
History Forecast
Top of the pop
With a broken view
Following me
Change of time
Breathe in breathe out
breaking free
Electric sound
Dawn of the day
History forecast (AMP Remix)
History forecast (Hajas Remix)
History forecast (Peter Rainman Time Code Remix)

Note: The Hajas and Peter Rainman remixes are reversed on the cd.


Chinese Theatre - Synthphony REMIXed Vol. 5 (All remixes by CT)
Released 2005
Label: Synthphony Records

Julian Branth Feat Johan Kinde - Rip Your Heart Out "Wonderland Remix"
A New January - Heartbust "Electro Industrial Remix"
Colony 5 - Heta Nätter "Moonlight Remix"
The Twins - Love System "Retro Clash Remix"
Basswood Dollies - Whore Hocker Prostitude "High Remix"
Syrian - Vega Velocity "Retro Future pop Remix"
Nun - Here 4 You "Back To The Beginning Remix"
This Fish Needs A Bike - The Drone "Smatterbass Remix"
Hype - Bounce "Stiff Nipple Remix"
Celluloide - Synhcronize "Elec - Tronic Remix"
Universal Poplab - Extasy "Dancefloor Filler Remix"
Ming & ping - AI "Electro Future Remix"
Estatuas de Sol - My Place "Goal Remix"


Selected Remix Discography (See website for complete listing)

Synthphony REMIXed! Volume 7
Released July 2005
Label: Synthphony Records

Thermostatic "Private Machine (Living in Video Remix)" by chinese theatre
Cat Rapes Dog "American Jesus (An Electronic Remix)" by chinese theatre


Nouvelle Culture - Fading Pictures
Released Feb 2005
Label: Intrapop (Germany)

Shadows - People Theatre "Shadows/Epic Club Mix"


Daybehavior - Have You Ever Touched A Dream?
Released March 2005
Label: A Different Drum

MonAmi (VZ Remix)


Sero Overdose - No Time For Silence
Released March 2005
Label: A Different Drum

She by Chinese Theatre (Remix Contest Winner)



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