eight to infinity



Eight to Infinity is an adventure in modern music. An experimental clash of pop, electronics and post pop-culture observation.

Eight to Infinity formed in 2002 with classical performance graduate Alistair Thomson and programming/electronics graduate Arron Clague pooling their talents to create a new sound in electronic music. Joined the following year by Val Wallace, sampling and production guru, and finally by vocalist/guitarist Sophie Scott in 2004. The band is based in the Isle of Man and in London.


Eight to Infinity - Aether (album - 14 tracks)
Release Date: May 2006
Label: Section 44


WXJL: Music for the Masses, Volume 2
Track: Mistress Vinyl
Label: Ninthwave


State of Synthpop 2005
Track: A/S/L
Label: A Different Drum


Utopia: A Tribute to Georgio Morodor
Track: I Wanna Rock You
Label: Cohaagen


Electricity 2: A Electronic Pop Sampler
Track: Travelogue
Label: Ninthwave



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