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Eloquent is Steven Cochran and Randall Erkelens. Eloquent's debut album Future Pop was released in 2004. Modern synthpop is the best way to describe Eloquent's sound. Influenced by classic '80s synth soundscapes, Eloquent writes upbeat, dancefloor songs with infectious melodies. Eloquent is currently in the studio completing their second album. Release date is scheduled for 2006.


Eloquent - Carousel of Life - CD
Released January 2009
Label: Section 44


Eloquent - Carousel of Life - Limited E.P. (6 songs)
Released Sepetember 2006
Label: Section 44


Eloquent - Future Pop
Released Sepetember 2003
Label: World Synthpop


Eloquent - 4x4 Multi-band Single (4 songs)
Released July 2005
Label: Section 44



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