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Empire State Human formed in 1999 (current line-up: Aidan Casserly , Lar Kiernan, Seán Barron & Warren Kiernan) and ESH create contemporary song and instrumental based electronic music, with a retro-electro edge. Their music is a combination of analogue and digital synthesized sound, mixed with powerful rhythms and overlaid with strong pop vocal melodies.

ESH have already released 2 albums (‘Pop Robot’ & ‘Alpha & Omega’on Ninthwave Records), an EP (‘Music For Humans’)and recently released a brand new 8-track single (‘Liquid Blue’). In 2001 ESH composed music for a Sony Playstation 2 advert ‘Anything Can Happen’, which was shown both in Ireland & the UK on both TV and in the Cinema. ESH made their live US debut performance in New York, on October 5th 2002, at the legendary Albion Batcave and have even played special guest spots the Temple Bar Music Centre, here in Dublin, 3 times since November 2002.

In 2004 Empire State Human composed the soundtrack to an Irish film called ‘Screw Back’ (Red Rage Films/Independent). ESH have an large international reputation and following, and have been remixed and collaborated with: Wave In Head (Germany), Count To Infinity (USA), Freezepop (USA), Tycho Brahe (Australia), One Lazy Ear Studios (Ireland), Giallo (USA), No Comment (Germany), DJ Durden (Mexico), Ganymede (USA), Macondo (UK), Xero/G (USA),Nexus 8 (Mexico) and Synthetik FM (USA). They recently launched their own recording studio called Electric Eye.

Their current album 'Cycles' was released in August of 2005.


Empire State Human - Cycles
Released Sepetember 2005
Label: KMA


Empire State Human - Martian Anthems
Released February 2000 (Discontinued)
Label: Peoplesound


Empire State Human - Pop Robot (expanded 21-track version)
Released January 2002
Label: Ninthwave


Empire State Human - Pop Robot
Released October 2000 (Discontinued)
Label: Peoplesound


Empire State Human - Music For Humans
Released July 2002
Label: Pure Zynth


Empire State Human - Alpha & Omega
Released October 2002
Label: Ninthwave


Empire State Human - Urbanism
Label: Ninthwave

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