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Provision was formed in November of 2000 from the ashes of former Industrial Dance/EBM acts - Underground Network Intelligence
(U-N-I) and Wraith.

Self described as Electronic Dance with an Edge, with 10 years of experience in former electronic acts; Provision infuses Industrial
Dance & Synthpop.

Constantly crossing genres and pushing boundaries with passionate, aggressive songs of lust, love, society, and humanity; filled with pure dance floor emotion, non stop energy, and lyrics that tug at the heart...Provision has crafted what can only be called "The Provision Sound". Truly a formula all their own.

At barely over a year old, Provision performed at Synthcon 2002 where they won “Best New U.S. Artist” in the American Synthpop Awards; thus solidifying their name and sound in the American Synthpop Scene. Since then, Provision has become known as one of the hardest working electronic acts in America due to their relentless self promotion and dedication to performing live shows with energy, frequency,
and winning new fans wherever they go. With more than 80 live performances, 2 U.S. Tours, and numerous regional tours under their belt since April of 2001; the dedication to their fans is evident.

Provision has also become known as a staple supporting act in the electronic music scene opening for Red Flag, Anything Box, Cosmicity, Imperative Reaction, The Human League, Cause & Effect, Cut Rate Box, Icon of Coil, System Syn, The Cruxshadows, Assemblage 23,
God Module, and CTRL just to name a few.

Provision continues to invade dancefloors, college and independent radio, live stages, and the hearts of fans across the world since the release of their debut E.P. "Innocence" in 2002; and will release their 3rd album - The Consequence in February of 2006
on Section 44 Records.


Provision - Innocence (E.P.)
Released March, 2002
Label: Red Square Digital


Provision - Evaporate (L.P.)
Released May, 2002
Label: Red Square Digital


Provision - Devotion (E.P.)
Released March, 2003
Label: Red Square Digital


Provision - Could've Had It All (Single E.P.)
Released September, 2004
Label: A Different Drum


Provision - Visualize (2nd Album)
Released September, 2004
Label: A Different Drum


Provision - Evaporate (L.P.) Re-Issue
Released September, 2004
Label: Red Square Digital


Provision - 4x4 Volume 2
Released November, 2005
Label: Section 44


Provision - The Consequence
Release Date: February 2006
Label: Section 44



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