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Although Rhythmic Symphony has been pounding out edgy synthpop since its driving force, Justin Kesselring, was 13, only in recent years has Justin pushed the endeavor onto the stage and into the spotlight. Based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado the project has been Justin's brainchild since its conception in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Although generally a one man creation, various contributors have shared in the evolution of Rhythmic Symphony, including Joey B. of The Echoing Green and Randall Erkelens from Tristraum, both of which had a hand in the recording and producing of the album, "The Mechanism Fulfilled."

Always striving to keep every song just a little different from the last one, the tracks range from soaringly epic to eccentrically dark moods of thought. Lyrics are driven by an honest collection of ponderings, theories, frustrations and epiphanies designed for provoking thought.


Rhythmic Symphony - The Mechanism Fulfilled
Release Date: July 2006
Label: Section 44

1. Beauty in Dissonance
2. Self-Possessed
3. Fighting Gravity
4. Liquid Sky

Dead Survivors
Too Afraid
7. Learning to Trust
8. Shards of Scarlet
10. Darkness Rising
11. Words Unspoken


4x4 Volume 2 - Various Artists
Released 2005
Label: Section 44 Buy Now

1. Self-possessed
2. Shards of Scarlet
3. Find Me
4. Too Afraid


Rhythmic Symphony - Rhythmic Symphony
Released 2005
Label: Self-Released (CD Baby) BUY NOW

1. Self-possessed
2. Darkness Rising
3. Whisperings
4. Morocco
5. Dead Survivors


Compilation Appearances

Unheard Artist Compilation Volume 1
Released 2005
Label: Plastiqmusiq BUY NOW

01 I Satellite Where in the World? (4:56)
02 Qub3 Where Black Fields Bloom (I Feel You in My Heart) (4:20)
03 September Equation, The Mars Is a Fine Place (3:06)
04 Ultraviolet Return to Zero (7:52)
05 Simulator Division (4:48)
06 Deepblue Dream Maybe (3:22)
07 Brus Blä Drink (4:47)
08 A Frame Digital Dream (3:46)
09 Blame Spree Scarification...I Am Your Dependent (4:32)
10 Energist Face in the Dark (4:45)
11 Electronic Dreaming So Faithful (2:40)
12 Otari Individual (3:27)
13 Rhythmic Symphony "In My Dreams" (4:13)
14 Deepblue Dream Do You Remember? (3:34)
15 Barry Lyndon The Best Dream I've Ever Had (2:39)
16 DJ Relic It's Not God's Fault (2:38)
17 Dreamship Starlight (O'er the Meeting Field) (5:01)
18 Polaris Moonlight (3:20)



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