Section 44 is proud to announce a new series of various artist compilations. The Sector Series will bring together the best in emerging and established electronic music. Volume One hit the streets on Sept 9, 2006.


Title: Sector One - Volume 2
Label: Section 44
Catalog Number: SEC-0013
Release Date: Winter 2006


If you would like to appear on Sector One - Volume 2, take the following steps. We'll let you know once we have your material.

Assuming you're an independent alternative artist. ie: synthpop, darkwave, futurepop, electro, industrial, idm, etc. - no rock, rap or metal

1. Send an unmastered track to us at the address below by November 28th, 2006. A data disc with 44.1 / 24-bit audio file is prefered for mastering. A 16-bit audio disc is the next best thing. Please try to mix-down your track to as close to 0db as possible with no clipping. Priority will be given to properly prepared tracks. Tracks must not exceed five (5) minutes in length.

2. Fill-out entry form. Download here. (MS Word Document) - Return to Section 44 with your music track.

3. Band bio and photo. Both can be emailed or sent digitally with your audio data disc.

4. Co-op partnership. $180. You can include a check, moneyorder or paypal. Paypal can be sent to with Sector One and your band name as the reference. Check or moneyorders should be payable to Section 44. This covers production, shipping, promotional mailings and advertising.


In exchange for your participation in the production, Section 44 will:

1. Send you 25 copies of the produced cd. (If you sell copies at live shows for $7, you'll re-coop your investment)

2. Promote /advertise the release including sending to all relevant review sources for our genre. We don't just release your music. We promote it. Our promo list goes-out to key djs and media.Through association with Section 44, you'll have an added promotional edge. We also regularily purchase print advertising in Side-Line, etc. (See Feb's issue for our full-page back cover ad).

3. Distribute your track on Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby, Etc. You'll be where people buy music.

4. Band may order extra copies at a cost of $1.50 per disc (must be pre-ordered via above entry downloadable entry form. Please pre-pay for your extra cds.

SEND: Song, Form and Payment to Section 44 by Nov 28th, 2006

Section 44 Sector One Compilation
2805 S. Oakland Place
Aurora, CO 80014 USA


Questions? Contact us at sectoronehelp


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