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Modern electronica with female vocals. Lush synth textures.

Tristraum's roots began in remixing. Beginning with the legendary
San Francisco-based Twitch Remix Service in the early 90s, through the past two years, the duo's production resume is a who's who of underground dance music.Tristraum has emerged as a strong writing/production team to create a successful blend of electronic pop and dancefloor grooves.


Tristraum - Shiver MCD
Released April, 2004
Label: Intrapop (Germany)


Tristraum - Shiver 12" VINYL
Released July 2004
Label: Mile High House (USA)


Tristraum - Gray (10-track album)
Released Feb 2006
Label: Section 44


Tristraum - First Embrace MCD
Released March 2006
Label: Section 44


Tristraum - 4x4 Multi-band Single (3 Remixes)
Released July 2005
Label: Section 44



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